Puppy Love Blog - The Site for your Fur Baby.
Puppy Love Blog - The Site for your Fur Baby.

Be the Pack Leader - Part 2
As explained in Part 1 of Be The Pack Leader, your puppy or adult dog consists of an individual with an instinct relating to a highly communal and socially responsive, pack-orientated animals, and they have specific natural Pack Animal genetic markers or more specifically a detectable heritable genetic trait which contains a distinct inheritable indicator responsible for identity and ancestry of a particular species or even an individual within the species, and your puppy or adult dog will be more comfortable and have a feeling of belonging when you claim leadership, the dog will be free and content to be a happy willing follower

Puppy Housebreaking Does Not Have to Be All That Hard
Puppy housebreaking should start just as soon as you bring your new puppy home - and it is the best way to teach your purebred puppy to go outside when it has to relieve itself How long does it take to do puppy housetraining

Carpenter: Tips for training puppies
Valentine's Day has passed, but there's always a spike in pet adoptions around to the holiday, so today I'm going over the basic necessities for puppies:

Carpenter: How do I keep my dog from jumping?
With the new year and lots of new puppies, here's a question I'm asked frequently: "How do you keep a dog from jumping up on you?"

A Breed Apart
Most of us count on our four-legged friends to play with us, cheer us up, and above all, love us unconditionally. But some dogs do these things and so much more. With proper training, a canine can become a service dog or therapy dog and learn to detect seizures in humans (sometimes before they happen!), encourage students to read better and even help a wheelchair-bound person gain the independence to drive a car. Here's how your family can become part of the action.

Yuppy Puppy Treat Machine
This nifty gadget is like a gumball machine for canines, except you fill it with dry pet food instead of gum. Your dog can operate the machine all on its own, simply by pushing down on the big bone lever. This oversized "bone" makes it easy for both big and little dogs to use. The machine's inviting clear globe, bright red body, and black base will also add a whimsical, nostalgic touch to your home's decor

Puppy Gift Tote
L.L. Bean's classic boat and tote bag just received a dog-inspired makeover. Decorated with a paw print, this sturdy, iconic bag comes packed with a variety of fun toys and tasty treats. It makes a perfect gift for someone who is welcoming a new puppy into his or her life, or as a gift to your own dog. After the treats are gone, you can still use the tote to store some of your pup's favorite toys. $29.95 at L.L. Bean.

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